Class Actions

Class Actions

Our philosophy is simple – no corporation – no matter how powerful – should be able to defraud its customers or harm its employees.

Our class action attorneys have decades of experience standing up to corporations that engage in fraudulent business practices and violations of employee rights. They have garnered hundreds of millions of dollars in relief for the clients they have served.

Practice group founder Helen Zeldes is a nationally recognized litigator who has led complex cases against Fortune 500 companies from Apple to Sony, Farmers Insurance to AIG. She was the first in the nation to file a case against Trump University – assembling and serving on the team that achieved a $25 million settlement for defrauded students. She has spent more than 16 years advocating for consumers and employees, bringing class actions and prosecuting corporate wrongdoing in pursuit of justice for her clients.

Consumer Class Actions

Coast Law Group’s consumer class action practice holds corporations accountable. We fight back when companies take advantage of their customers.

Consumer fraud has many faces – and there are countless ways in which companies violate the law.

  • Have you ever purchased a product only to find that it was defective? Or simply didn’t live up to the promises made in corporate advertising?
  • Have you been told you were purchasing one product or service only to be signed up for something different?
  • Have you ever experienced excessive or hidden fees or unauthorized use of your personal information?

Our team of class action attorneys investigates and prosecutes these violations (and others) on behalf of individuals who report them to us – and the many consumers who have been similarly wronged.

We stand up for you when corporations violate your privacy, or use bait and switch tactics to sell you services you don’t need or want.

We are skilled at holding companies accountable for false advertising, and prosecute them when their products don’t live up to the hype. We fight back when corporations sell defective products to their customers.

Our attorneys are unafraid to take on the powerful. We confront Fortune 500 corporations who defraud their customers when they think no one is watching.

If you have experienced any of these illegal business practices – contact us at

Employment Class Action

Coast Law Group’s Employment Class Action Practice stands up to companies who violate employee rights by refusing to pay workers what they are owed by law.

We fight back when employees are required to work unpaid hours, are denied paid breaks, or have unlawful deductions taken out of their paychecks.

We stand up for employees when companies refuse to pay the overtime or commissions they have earned or to reimburse workers for work related expenses.

We prosecute corporations when they misclassify workers – claiming they do one type of job when really they do another – in order to pay them less than they have earned.

These illegal business practices are often referred to collectively as “wage theft” and are responsible for an estimated $50 billion in lost wages every year – more than all other theft combined.

Our attorneys have significant experience taking on companies that engage in this illegal behavior and recovering substantial unpaid wages for our clients.

Have you or someone you know been the victim of corporate wage theft? Contact us at

Some of CLG’s Current Consumer Cases:

Toll Roads Take Advantage – CLG represents millions of drivers who claim that with insufficient notice they have been charged outrageous penalties after driving on the toll roads that comprise nearly 20% of the Orange County Highway system. We take on the Transportation Corridor Agencies and the various companies they contract with to manage these public roads. Our lawsuit prosecutes these egregious fines and violations of privacy of California commuters.

Evine Violates Consumer Privacy – CLG attorneys represent customers of Evine Live who experienced invasive and repeated phone calls from the home shopping behemoth.

Our lawsuit holds Evine accountable for repeatedly making calls to consumers cell phones without their consent – even after the recipients demanded a stop to the calls. We claim Evine deliberately violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA entitles affected consumers to as much as $1,500.00 per call.

US Healthworks Overworks Employees Denying them Meal/Rest Breaks – CLG
represents US Healthworks’ employees who claim that their employer profits off the backs of its non-exempt workforce by routinely overscheduling patients and understaffing its facilities such that Class Members are unable to take the meal and rest breaks entitled to them by law without leaving patients unattended. Our lawsuit seeks compensation for Class Members’ unpaid meal and rest breaks.

Sony Sells Out With Defective Laptops – Our lawsuit against Sony Electronics stands up for the tens of thousands of consumers who purchased VAIO laptops with defective trackpads. We allege that faulty design and manufacturing led to consumers receiving laptops that were effectively unusable. We are fighting to hold Sony to account for knowingly selling these defective products and to reimburse consumers who were defrauded. Final Approval of a Classwide Settlement was granted on August 7, 2017.

Think you have experienced consumer fraud, defective products or deceptive business practices like these or others? Contact us at

What we do

  • Consumer fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • False labeling
  • Bait and Switch
  • Product Defect
  • Privacy violations
  • Unsolicited phone calls, faxes, texts
  • Insurance and banking fraud
  • Wage/hour
  • Unpaid time
  • Missclassification
  • Meal/rest breaks
  • Unpaid commissions
  • Overtime violations

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