Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

More than ever in the past, intellectual property has grown in importance and value to both the entrepreneur and well-established business. Ensuring one’s competitive advantage in the marketplace is now almost always based upon successful intellectual property right protection, maintenance, enforcement, and trade strategies. Coast Law Group provides forward-minded, creative and reliable intellectual property-related strategies, solutions and advice to a variety of traditional and emerging growth businesses. Having represented clients of all sizes and disciplines in the areas of copyright, trade dress, trademark, and trade secret protection, maintenance, enforcement and trade, CLG is uniquely qualified to help its clients best exploit and protect its valuable intellectual property right portfolio.

The value afforded owners of registered trademarks and copyrights cannot be over-stated in today’s fast-paced environment where ideas are virtually duplicated overnight and marketed to the world via the Internet. CLG helps ensure that its clients take full advantage of all applicable legal paradigms through active registration processes. Whether it be registering a client’s catchy product name or registering the complex source code developed by a client overseas, CLG’s Intellectual Property Group is prepared to act in the best interests of its clients and take the important first step toward protection.

Because the effective exploitation of intellectual property rights can largely depend upon the details of the underlying agreements, it is imperative that competent and well-experienced counsel be retained. CLG’s extensive experience with intellectual property-related agreements, such as licensing agreements, assignment agreements, and the like, will ensure that its client’s best interests and actual intentions are ultimately advanced. In fact, because CLG’s Intellectual Property Group is so well versed in such contractual matters, they can often help its clients develop additional streams of income from existing intellectual property inventories.

In addition to helping clients protect and generate revenue from their intellectual property rights, CLG is considerably experienced in helping clients enforce their rights against infringers or defend against over-reaching claims by third parties. CLG’s Intellectual Property Group has represented clients in litigation before federal and state courts located throughout the country, as well as international commercial arbitrational tribunals.

What we do

  • Apparel License Agreements (US & Int’l)
  • Merchandise License Agreements
  • Collaboration/Co-Marketing Agreements
  • Technology Joint Venture Agreements
  • Event Sponsorship Agreements
  • Website/Technology Development Agreements
  • Hosting Agreements
  • Trade Secret Strategy
  • Advertising Insertion Orders
  • Lead Generation Agreements
  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
  • Trademark Registration & Enforcement
  • Copyright Registration & Enforcement
  • International Registration & Enforcement
  • Music Publishing Agreements
  •  Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Rights and Clearance Analysis
  • Rights Acquisition
  • Writer and Composer Agreements
  • Music Recording Agreements
  • All Rights Distribution
  • Sports Contracts
  • Network Licenses
  • Syndication
  • Management Agreements
  • Infomercials and Direct Marketing
  • Location & Production Logistics Assistance
  • Touring and Promotion Agreements
  • Music Sample Licensing
  • Artist and Record Company Counseling
  • Co-publishing Management
  • Endorsement Agreements

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