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Coast Law Group LLP is widely recognized as a premier litigation boutique. From simple disputes to complex matters involving dozens of parties, we provide our clients with superior counsel and advocacy to achieve their objectives.

Litigation in today’s world can be incredibly expensive, especially if not pursued according to a well-defined road-map. As such, our first priority is to listen to our clients and formulate a step-by-step game plan specifically tailored to their goals and budget. We recognize the case is not ours but yours, and clear communication is essential for a successful attorney-client relationship. Our clients appreciate being kept abreast of case developments and involved in the decision-making process should circumstances call for a shift in strategy.

The litigators at Coast Law Group are seasoned trial veterans and we welcome the opportunity to stand before a judge or jury. We nonetheless recognize that aggressive lawyering is not always the best path to success. Frequently we are able to find unseen avenues for resolution of disputes that do not involve the expense of trial. Such perceptiveness is a by-product of our decades of experience litigating a broad spectrum of matters, including those involving premises liability, professional liability, medical malpractice, real estate and employment issues.

On the appellate level, Coast Law Group’s attorneys have developed a reputation for unparalleled writing and oral argument skills. Our tireless advocacy has led to victories in several closely watched cases before the California appellate courts and the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. In fact, attorneys at other firms routinely refer clients to Coast Law Group to handle appeals. Our appellate team relishes the challenge of reversing errors at the trial court level and redefining our nation’s laws in the process.