The dress code at three California high schools prohibits t-shirts like these.
Temecula, Calif.-based freestyle motocross team Metal Mulisha intends to file legal action against California’s Murrieta Valley Unified School District due to a ban the district has placed on Metal Mulisha apparel.
The dress code for Vista Murrieta High School, one of the three schools in the district that forbid the brand’s clothing, states that it prohibits apparel with “violence or weapons, SRH, Metal Mulisha, Iron Cross or Nazi/neo-Nazi symbols.”

November 18, 2010
by Megan Michelson

On Sept. 15, an attorney representing Metal Mulisha sent a letter to Stan Scheer, Murrieta’s district superintendant, that demanded the district withdrawal the dress code prohibition, citing that it violated the 1st and 14th Amendments of the Constitution.

“The schools’ prohibition paints our client in a false light as being related to inappropriate behavior and subversive teachings,” the letter states. “Further, the school’s dress code violates our client’s due process rights and MHS students’ 1st Amendment rights.”

Seyamack Kouretchian, a managing partner of Coast Law Group and the attorney for Metal Mulisha, told ESPN that his client was made aware of the ban by a student at one of the schools who is a fan of Metal Mulisha and was told he wasn’t allowed to wear the brand’s logo.

District spokeswoman Karen Parris responded to Kouretchian’s letter with an email dated Oct. 25 that included dress code documents and several images. Parris told The Californian that she didn’t know when and why the ban was initially enacted and that the school has no plans to change the policy. Parris was unavailable for comment when reached by ESPN.

On Nov. 3, Metal Mulisha’s lawyer sent another letter to the school district informing them of their intent to file a lawsuit.

“We’re still looking for a valid reason as to why [the logo is banned],” Kouretchian said. “There’s frankly no reason why students should be able to wear Ralph Lauren but not Metal Mulisha.”

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