June 1, 2016

Aran Wong, [email protected]

CLG’s trial lawyers notched another win this month in a hotly disputed case with well over a million dollars at stake.  CLG’s client, a 74 year old widow, allowed the 47 year old defendant to live in her home rent free for several years.  Despite her generosity, the defendant, a struggling landscaper, claimed the elderly plaintiff owed him $1.25 million for “security and elder care services”.  The defendant, who is not a security guard and has no elder care experience, offered no documents to support his claims. Instead, he alleged the parties had an oral agreement.

In a unanimous verdict, the Vista jury rejected the defendant’s claims and instead awarded CLG’s client nearly $200,000 for unpaid loans she made to the landscaper.

CLG partner Aran Wong served as lead counsel for the plaintiff.  CLG associate attorney Andrea Jones, whose practice focuses on employment law, took on the defendant’s counterclaims.