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October 24, 2013 – San Diego, CA

Investors acknowledged the historical growth and future potential of the action sports, eco-friendly, lifestyle company Mizu, Inc., with a substantial funding round closed this month.

Promoting water as nature’s original energy drink and its mission of “protecting where we play,” Mizu offers reusable hydration and thermal containers that help reduce single-use plastic containers. What separates Mizu from its competitors and helped fuel investor interest is Mizu’s wide and fast-growing appeal among snowboard, surf, and skate companies and their audiences. Mizu credits this appeal and growth in the industry to its core mission and an impressive list of licensing partners that include Nixon, Burton, Volcom, Electric, Poler, and CAPiTA.

Tim Pogue, action sports industry veteran and CEO of Mizu, said, “With the support of the entire Mizu family, our global licensing partners, Coast Law Group and now with this significant funding round behind us, Mizu is now poised to accomplish its goal of becoming a leader in hydration and thermal containers and make a serious dent in reducing single-use plastic.”

Attorneys Gary Sirota and Brian Dirkmaat of Coast Law Group, LLP represented Mizu throughout the financing process. Sirota, who is a partner at the firm, said, “We’re proud to support the growing success of this high-quality, environmentally focused company. Mizu’s corporate ethic is consistently in line with Coast Law Group’s active, environmentally responsible philosophy, and this round of financing demonstrates the knowledgeable investors’ resounding faith in the product and company direction in the long term.”

About Mizu:
Mizu is the original action sports water bottle brand, dedicated to protecting where we play by providing innovative reusable containers that help reduce waste created by single-use plastic bottles and cups. Mizu’s core mission is to provide active people with smart options over single-use containers so that we can go have fun and feel good about it. The Mizu family includes action sports industry veterans and professional athletes that are unified by a passion for our sports and respect for the oceans, mountains and cities we play in. Our adventures inspire us to respect our playground. We call this living a #mizulife.

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About Coast Law Group, LLP:
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