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injuries sustained from a car or other motor vehicle burn accident often result in life changing disabilities

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Federal regulations for car safety have changed so much over the years that there are fewer fire-related car accidents. The issue of fuel containment has drastically improved as well however, car fires do still occur and according to the United States Fire Administration, 14.3% of fires that occur are vehicle-related. Of those fires, roughly 20% are because of equipment failures.

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Common Causes of Automobile Fires

There are various factors that can cause a motor vehicle fire including car defects, driver error, and several other conditions. Driver education can play an important role in avoiding motor vehicle fires. By being aware of the factors that lead to fires, drivers can prevent them from starting in the first place.

  • Vehicle collisions: When two motor vehicles collide with one another, the fuel tank of one or both vehicles can rupture and cause a fire. This type of a fire spreads fast and can cause injury to the driver, passengers, and even to others in the vicinity. Car collisions with other objects such as light poles and trees can also cause a fire to spark.
  • Fuel tank leakage: Many motor vehicle fires are caused when the fuel tank suddenly leaks or explodes. A leaking fuel tank can trap the driver and passengers inside the car and can cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities.
  • Smoking: Ash from a lighter or cigarette can cause a fire and pose a serious threat to the driver as well as the passengers. It is important never to smoke in the closed confines of the car as it can suddenly cause a fire.
  • Defect in the motor vehicle: A defect in one of the auto parts can also cause a motor vehicle fire. Faulty wiring, electrical malfunction, a short circuit, and flammable liquid spills are some of the defects that can cause

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Electric Vehicle Fire

With more electric vehicles on the road today this is a type of crash that could cause a serious fire. Often the fire is caused due to technical issues with the battery, often triggered by a crash that damages and shorts out the pack setting individual cells ablaze. This type of fire happened with Tesla products early on, leading the automaker to add more protection around the packs on cars such as the Models S and X.

Occasionally fires appear to have occurred while the vehicles were parked, in some cases while inside a garage. And sometimes, they were hooked up to chargers.

While the number of electric vehicle fires are relatively minor, experts have noted that once a lithium-ion pack does catch fire, they can be extremely difficult for authorities to put out. If you’re involved in an electric car fire, tell the first responders immediately if your car is electric.

If You’ve Been Involved in a Vehicle Fire

If your car is on fire, the National Fire Protection Agency and the USFA have suggested steps to take to ensure your safety.

  • If possible pull over to the side of the road, park your car, and turn off the car.
  • Get out of the car as soon as possible and move at least 100 feet away from the car and traffic. Explosions can occur and fire can cause parts of a vehicle to fly off, so consider that possibility when retreating from the fire.
  • Call 911.
  • Do not return to the burning vehicle for personal items.
  • If there is a fire under the hood of your car, do not open the hood.
  • Document everything from a safe distance. Take pictures of the scene and the surrounding area from a safe distance. If there are witnesses, get their contact information.
  • Avoid negotiating with other drivers or motorists involved, regardless of who may have been at fault.
  • It is best to wait for the police to arrive at the scene so you can file a detailed police report.
  • Keep all copies of medial records, wage loss, repair receipts, and make a record of related expenses.

Obtaining Maximum Compensation

Coast Law Group will seek to hold all negligent parties responsible and fully accountable for the burn injuries you sustained, including seeking maximum damages for your pain, suffering, and trauma. Burn injury victims could seek compensation in burn injury cases for damages including:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Current and future wage loss
  • Pain and suffering, emotional distress
  • Compensation for disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium for your spouse
  • Compensation for damage to your personal property
  • Psychological trauma requiring treatment

Burn victims can often recover damages under a variety of legal theories. For example, when a flight attendant spills a hot cup of coffee on a patron, the airline may be pursued for negligently causing the spill if it can be established that the attendant did not use “reasonable care.” Similarly, where a tea pot shatters because it was negligently constructed, the manufacturer of the tea pot can be pursued under a product liability cause of action. And where the burn happens as a result of an intentional act, the responsible party may be civilly liable for battery. At Coast Law Group, we can help you ascertain which theories of liability you may be able to pursue.

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