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• Conversion Optimizers and SEOs
• Educational and Coaching Services
• Call Centers
• Payment Processors
• List Brokers
• Commercial E-mailers
• Toolbar Companies
• Company Formation

• Drafting/Negotiating Agreements
• Monetizing Intellectual Property Assets
• Financing/Capitalization Services
• Litigation Services (prosecution and defense)
• Risk Assessment
• Asset Protection Strategies
• Liability Mitigation Strategies
Joint Ventures/Strategic Partnerships
Compliance Reviews of Marketing Materials
• Company-wide Compliance Policies
Compliance, Compliance, Compliance!





Online marketing continues to present enormous and expanding opportunities for successful businesses, including advertisers, affiliate networks, ad networks, publishers, and the entrepreneurial endeavors that provide industry-leading products and services.

Companies that survive the start-up phase quickly learn that long-term viability requires constant risk management and reliable legal advice. Lawmakers and courts lag far behind the evolving techniques for generating revenue. Thus, effective strategic decision making requires assessing revenue sources in the context of an unclear legal framework. Coast Law Group stays on top of the law and provides crucial insight into the regulatory framework.

Because we handle the legal issues for a wide range of Internet marketing companies, we have a deep understanding of the industry and its people, as well as the technology that drives it. Our clients have come to rely upon us for rapid and effective solutions to industry-specific situations, as well as more common legal issues, including employment issues, contracts, leasing, and corporate governance

Our clients profit from CLG’s unique perspective.