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YES! Yoga for Encinitas Students: A Coalition of EUSD Families
Encinitas families unite in support of the EUSD yoga program

Encinitas, Calif. – Coast Law Group, LLP has joined efforts with the families of over 200 Encinitas Union School District students to form the unincorporated association known as YES! Yoga for Encinitas Students. This community partnership will advocate for the preservation of the District yoga program.  To that end, YES! seeks to intervene in the recently filed Sedlock v. Baird lawsuit in which the plaintiffs demand the yoga program be dropped from all EUSD schools.

Dave Peck, EUSD parent and lead attorney, explains: “The generous grant giving rise to the yoga program was intended for the benefit of the students.  The students and their families thus deserve a voice in this debate.  We fully expect the court will allow our clients to intervene and we expect this unfortunate lawsuit will be defeated.”

In just two weeks more than 150 EUSD families, representing over 200 students from all nine District campuses, have enthusiastically joined the preservation effort.  Peck notes: “The community response has been immediate and overwhelming.  From parents identifying themselves as devout Christians to self-proclaimed atheists, District families are standing side by side in support of the yoga program.”

As for what comes next, Peck offered:  “According to Mr. Broyles [attorney for the plaintiffs], the lawsuit is in the process of being served on those District officials named as defendants.  In the meantime, we have asked Mr. Broyles to stipulate to allow to our clients, the students, to participate in this lawsuit.  We hope Mr. Broyles and the Sedlocks have sufficient faith in our legal system to allow the students’ concerns to be considered by the court.  Should plaintiffs refuse that request, we will immediately proceed with an Application for Leave to Intervene.”

YES! encourages any EUSD families interested in joining its cause to visit the community online at or on Facebook at

Coast Law Group, LLP does not represent the Encinitas Union School District. Any inquiries regarding the District’s legal defense should be directed to EUSD Superintendent Dr. Timothy Baird.


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