Today we breathe a collective sigh of relief that this horrible chapter in the City of San Diego’s history has come to a close.

While we feel some satisfaction for the part we played in reaching this juncture, we are neither happy nor celebrating.  Nobody should be.  This is not the time to be trumpeting a partisan victory, or dancing on Bob Filner’s political grave. We have not “won” anything, as our entire community has suffered dearly, and in a way that transcends politics.

Throughout this ordeal it has always been our goal to see Bob Filner resign, because with resignation comes the first step towards remedying his gross abuse of power against women. Importantly, the final step requires us to remain focused on the women who have been hurt and abused by Bob Filner, and to ensure they are taken care of.

And without question, those who deserve credit for the mayor’s resignation today, and indeed our utmost respect, are the brave women, like Irene McCormack, who were willing to put themselves through the public scrutiny and emotional difficulties that came with telling their stories. We cannot overstate this sentiment — They are the heroes and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts.

Further, to those who have set aside partisan pettiness and listened and acted in the best interest of our city, we thank you.  To those in the public and press who have respected the humanity, dignity and privacy of the women as they have reported or publicly told their stories, again, thank you .

Breaches of the public’s trust and abuse of political power have no place in our society.  We went public with our concerns because we cling to these core community values tightly and are unwilling to see them compromised, regardless of political affiliation.