How California motorists can prove fault after a crash

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes can cause catastrophic financial challenges for individuals. Someone hurt in a car crash may have medical expenses and lost wages because they require time away from work to undergo treatment or heal.

The damage to the vehicles involved in the crash can also prove very expensive, especially if someone has a particularly valuable vehicle. Late-model vehicles, imports and even wheelchair-accessible vehicles may cost several times what the average car would to replace after a collision.

Those hoping to pursue an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit after a collision typically need to show that the other party was at fault for the wreck. How do motorists in California prove who was at fault?

With camera footage

There are cameras all over capturing the actions of people in public spaces. California has many traffic cameras in place that record people’s conduct in motor vehicles. There are also security cameras at homes and businesses that may capture Street and driveway views.

Additionally, many people have dashboard cameras in their vehicles that can capture the crashes they experience or witness. Any crash that occurs near a police vehicle or semi-truck may have dashboard camera footage of the wreck available. Video footage can provide incontrovertible evidence of exactly what happened after, during and immediately before a collision.

With witness statements

Other drivers nearby, people on the street and even passengers in the vehicles can provide crucial context for what occurs in traffic. While witness statements are not nearly as authoritative as objective evidence, like camera footage, they can help strengthen claims of distracted driving or unsafe conduct at the wheel.

With professional reconstruction

Sometimes, there is neither camera footage nor witnesses to help people prove what happened during the crash. If the other driver does not tell the truth and tries to place the blame on others, those pursuing compensation may require professional assistance.

Professionals can use specialized software to create a collision reconstruction. By exploring exactly what happened before and during a wreck, professionals can help prove that the conduct of one party caused the collision.

The details included in police reports and play a major role in the crash reconstruction process and any compensation claims that people pursue. It is therefore important for those involved in collisions to talk openly with police officers about their suspicions regarding the conduct of the other motorist.

The inclusion of the right details in the crash report can increase someone’s chances of obtaining compensation after the wreck. Establishing fault can help people negotiate with insurance providers and secure the right to file a personal injury lawsuit after a collision damages their property and causes injuries.