Legal Services Focusing On Action Sports

Coast Law Group is proud to have some of the most influential Action Sports companies and individuals as clients.

Surfing. Skateboarding. Snowboarding. Motocross. Cycling. Wakeboarding. More than mere sports, these activities have given rise to a complex multi-billion dollar industry involving all sectors of youth lifestyle and culture. From clothing and shoe (soft-goods) companies, to board, binding, bike and accessory (hard-goods) manufacturers, to entertainment content developers, the legal issues involved with “Action Sports” are as varied as the athletes and boards themselves.

Coast Law Group LLP is uniquely situated to provide legal services to the Action Sports Industry. Located in the heart of Downtown Encinitas (practically next door to Swami’s), CLG attorneys have cultivated both professional and personal relationships with the athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, media barons, contest organizers, cinematographers and photographers that drive today’s youth markets. While the barriers to entry into Action Sports are well known, Coast Law Group LLP provides access clients would never find with larger, more traditional law firms.

What We Do

  • Business and Corporate Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • General Counsel Services
  • Brand Development Services
  • Content and Brand Licensing
  • Endorsement Agreements
  • Media/Content Rights Strategy
  • Management Agreements
  • Agency Representation Review
  • Event Promotion
  • Insurance and Injury Counseling
  • Print/Web Media Legal Issues
  • Merchandise Licensing
  • Garment License
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Sales Rep Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Co-Marketing Agreements
  • Event Sponsorship

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Coast Law Group LLP is uniquely situated to provide much-needed legal services to the action sports industry. From our law office in the heart of downtown Encinitas (practically next door to Swami’s), our attorneys have cultivated many related professional and personal relationships.

When we meet with you about your action sports law needs, we will do so with open minds, and we hope you will also be open to, perhaps, unexpected opportunities. We are experienced lawyers who can help you start a business, form a collaborative venture or, overall, position yourself for success with your legal issues aligned with your goals.

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