Aviation Airline Injuries

Each day, more than two million people board commercial flights, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. These passengers place their safety in the hands of airlines and pilots, with the expectation that they will arrive at their destinations safely and without incident. And while these expectations are met far more often than not, sometimes tragedy occurs.

Pursuing justice following an aviation accident involves navigating a complex legal landscape. Depending on how and where the accident happens, state, federal and even international law may apply. It is essential to retain a law firm experienced in litigating against the airlines.

When injuries or deaths result from air travel, the attorneys at Coast Law Group LLP are here to help. We understand the complexities of these cases and have the resources to aggressively fight for maximum compensation.

Plane crashes are not the only cause of aviation-related injuries. Passengers can also suffer injuries before, during and after flights, especially when crew members are negligent in the performance of their job duties. Some common in-flight incidents include:

  • Serving improperly stored foods that leads to food poisoning
  • Slip/trip and falls as passengers move about an aircraft
  • Luggage falling from overhead compartments
  • Improperly secured food carts striking passengers
  • Scalding coffee spills

Proving an airline, airport or aircraft manufacturer is liable for an injury is no simple task. Aviation accidents and other incidents involving injuries are often subject to lengthy investigations and these companies have deep pocket resources to defend themselves. At Coast Law Group LLP, we have no reservations about taking on these fights, and we know the aviation, medical and other experts best qualified to help prove our client’s case.

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