Recovery From Burn Injuries With The Help Of San Diego Lawyers

Burn injuries happen in many ways and often lead to significant medical expenses as well as loss of quality of life. You may have suffered burn injuries because of a car accident involving a fire or explosion, a battery-related fire at home or work, exposure to toxic chemicals or an act of violence involving explosives. No matter what the circumstances were, your healing and recovery are the No. 1 concern.

At Coast Law Group LLP, our lawyers represent people in and around Encinitas, where our law office is located, as well as throughout the San Diego area and elsewhere in Southern California. We have a strong track record in personal injury claims and litigation, with a focus on getting our clients the resources they need to emerge from their painful experiences with their hopes for the future rekindled.

Our Team Understands Your Trauma And Is Ready To Take Action

What will you need to be made whole again after suffering burn injuries, such as the following?:

  • First-, second-, third- or fourth-degree burns
  • Thermal, radiation, chemical or electrical burns

Most likely, your recovery will require a combination of some of the following:

  • Payment for medical bills
  • Replacement of lost wages
  • Securement of resources for future plastic surgery, as necessary
  • Payment for all necessary and helpful rehabilitation therapy
  • Acknowledgment of pain and suffering
  • Mitigation of scarring and disfigurement in all possible ways, including surgery and psychological counseling

As we pursue the compensation you need to meet these and other challenges, we will conduct a thorough investigation. With skill and determination, we will uncover the true causes of the fire, explosion or toxic spillage that resulted in your burn injuries.

Through detailed documentation, we will discover whose negligence caused the fire or explosion. Then we will use appropriate legal processes to get compensation for you from the negligent party or parties.

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