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The Epidemic of “Distracted Driving”

Never before have drivers had more potential distractions at their fingertips. From cell phones, to satellite radios, to vehicle touchscreens, to more traditional distractions such as eating, drinking or grooming, every day in San Diego we encounter motorists whose eyes are everywhere but on the road. Most accidents occur suddenly, without any warning, and often with little time to react. Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths each year and has become a significant public safety concern.

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California Law

In California it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving unless the device is specifically designed and configured to allow for a hands-free experience. Violations of this law may result in significant fines and a point on a violator’s driving record.

Nationally, 3,166 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2019.
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If You’ve Been in an Accident Involving a Distracted Driving

Always first take care of your health and safety. Call 911 if anyone sustained an injury and need medical care.

Be sure to exchange the following information to any other involved drivers

  • The names and phone numbers of the drivers
  • The names and phone numbers of the vehicle owners
  • The vehicle license plate numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Insurance company names and policy numbers

If anyone was injured, a driver is required by law to notify the California Highway Patrol or local police within 24 hours after the accident. A report must be filed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles if there were injuries or any property damage worth more than $1,000.

Take photos of the scene including the damage to the involved vehicles.

Get the names, phones numbers and email addresses of any witnesses.

Promptly seek medical attention. It is very common for neck pain, back pain or other symptoms to appear a day or two after an accident. It’s thus important to get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible to prevent injuries from becoming aggravated.

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California motorists are required to carry insurance. The party who caused your accident, and usually their insurance company, may be required to pay compensation to for some or all of these damages:

  • Medical Bills – for your past, present, and future costs of the medical treatments
  • Property Damage – for the damage to your vehicle and possessions;
  • Pain and Suffering – for the physical pain and limitations resulting from the crash
  • Loss of Wages – for the time you had to take off of work to recover from the accident or to visit doctors, therapists, and others who are helping you to cope with your injuries
  • Impairment of Earning Capacity – for the diminishment of your ability to earn a living
  • Lifestyle Changes – for the loss of enjoyment in your life due to debilitating injuries
  • Life-Care – for the ongoing non-medical needs you may have if you were badly injured
  • Punitive Damages – if the trucking company’s intentional or reckless acts contributed to causing the crash that injured you.

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