3 ways semi-truck crashes typically differ from other vehicle wrecks

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most people feel a natural sense of nervousness when they notice a semi-truck near them in traffic. These large commercial vehicles can cause severe collisions that not only disrupt someone’s day but potentially might change their lives.

To some extent, a crash with a semi-truck is much like any other collision. People have to report the collision to local authorities, seek out medical care and then pursue compensation when appropriate. However, there are some ways that semi-truck collisions significantly differ from other collisions.

The extent of the damage caused

A semi-truck is multiple times heavier than the largest passenger vehicle. It can cause severe damage to a vehicle and debilitating injuries to the people inside. Underride collisions and override collisions are a possibility when a semi-truck collides with a passenger vehicle. These crashes are so severe that they often prove fatal.

The number of vehicles involved

Occasionally, a crash between two passenger vehicles may spiral out of control and end up involving numerous other nearby vehicles and traffic. Such scenarios are relatively uncommon. A semi-truck could very easily cause a collision that ends up involving numerous other nearby vehicles. For example, they might jackknife and end up blocking off all lanes of traffic on one part of the highway. Semi-truck collisions have the potential to involve numerous other vehicles and to completely shut down streets in a way that passenger vehicle crashes typically do not.

The insurance claims process

Like passenger vehicles, semi-trucks typically need to have liability insurance coverage. The policies that the government requires from semi-trucks are generally much larger than the policies ensuring passenger vehicles. With at least $750,000 worth of insurance in play, those filing a claim can expect very aggressive negotiation tactics from the insurance company or the transportation company. Frequently, people end up manipulated into accepting low settlements and then struggling to cover their expenses that continue accruing.

People who recognize how much of an impact a semi-truck collision could have on their finances and future may understand how important it is to have support as they respond to a wreck. Realizing that a semi-truck crash is far from a routine car wreck may benefit those recently affected by a commercial collision.