Coast Law Group Partner Helen Zeldes – first in the country to file a claim against Trump University, represents plaintiffs in the newly filed case

“Equifax’s behavior was egregious, both before and after enabling one of the gravest data breaches in US history to occur. The company not only recklessly failed to protect 143 million consumers’ most sensitive personal information, they waited to notify victims that the theft occurred while their own executives sold off their stock. Now more than half the country faces serious risk of identity theft, fraud and financial harm that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.” – Attorney Helen Zeldes on the lawsuit

Quotes from the claim (full claim is attached):

“Equifax’s cavalier attitude for the safety and security of private information is truly breathtaking. Plaintiffs bring this action for damages, and other legal and equitable remedies, resulting from the reckless and illegal actions of Equifax, Inc. (“Equifax”) related to an unprecedented massive breach of database security (the “Data Breach”). The Data Breach resulted in over 143 million individuals’ – nearly half the population of the United States – Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) being stolen from Equifax’s databases.”

“The Data Breach was a direct result of Equifax’s failure to implement adequate security measures to safeguard consumers’ PII. Equifax willfully ignored known weaknesses in its data security, including prior hacks into its information systems. … Inasmuch as Equifax is known to possess a massive amount of our nation’s PII, Equifax had a duty to implement effective procedures to avoid a breach of this magnitude. Equifax utterly failed in its duty, causing potential harm of gargantuan proportions – potentially impacting consumers for life.”

“Equifax discovered the breach on July 29, 2017 but did nothing to disclose the massive breach to the public until September 8, 2017. As of the date of the filing of this complaint, Equifax had still not notified Plaintiffs of the Data Breach.”

“There is a substantial likelihood that Class Members already have or will become victims of identity fraud given the breadth of information about them that is now in the hands of wrong doers. Javelin Strategy & Research reported in its 2014 Identity Fraud Study that “[d]ata breaches are the greatest risk factor for identity fraud.” In fact, “[i]n 2013, one in three consumers who received notification of a data breach became a victim of fraud.””

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