• Local, State, Federal Agency Litigation
• California Public Records Act
• Freedom of Information Act
• Initiative and Referendum Drafting
• Campaign Strategy
• Campaign Team Building
• Ballot Argument Challenges
• FPPC Compliance/Enforcement

• Campaign Finance
• Activist Advocacy
• Constitutional Issues
• Legislation Drafting & Analysis
• Conflicts of Interest
• Media Strategies
• San Diego Ethics Commission
• Lobbying Regulation Compliance



Operating a successful business becomes more complex every day. Communities are growing both in population and sophistication. The need to interact with some element of federal, state or local government is on the rise. Our governmental affairs team, with significant legislative and regulatory experience at all levels of government, has a proven record of achieving our clients’ strategic goals. Most importantly, Coast Law Group’s reputation for integrity allows elected officials and agency staff to openly and honestly communicate with us and our clients.

Several Coast Law Group attorneys have had the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with staff and elected officials at all levels of governments. Collectively, we have a unique understanding of the intricacies involved in the decision-making processes, and can ensure our clients’ interests will be appropriately considered. Because we frequently appear before and work with an array of governmental bodies Coast, Law Group enjoys the respect that only familiarity can breed.

Our services range from drafting proposals for legislative or administrative action, to enacting or defeating proposals, to working with agencies on a client problem.

Coast Law Group LLP also embraces the belief that progressive elected officials and candidates deserve to be represented by attorneys who share their values and ethos, yet are sensitive to the machinations of politics, fundraising, and campaigns. Coast Law Group enjoys a reputation of committed involvement in high-profile political and election matters throughout San Diego County and the State of California.