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Raising a child is no easy task. The daily demands of work and school often require that you trust other individuals with the care of your daughter or son. Unfortunately, these people sometimes breach that trust by causing injury to our children. When this happens, children, parents and families are left to deal with the physical and psychological damage.

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Holding daily caregivers accountable for child negligence.

When adults or institutions are trusted with the physical custody of your child, they are responsible for providing a reasonable standard of care. This includes schools, as well as daycare facilities. When this duty is breached, your child can face a number of possible injuries. The caregiver may be directly responsible for these dangers, or the negligence of the caregiver may contribute to causing the injury. Our attorneys have secured successful outcomes for a variety of child injury cases, including those involving:

  • Poor Bus Safety. Daily caregiving often includes bus transportation. Whether transporting between school and home, or for school-related activities, bus drivers and school administrators have a duty to promote bus safety. This includes proper maintenance of the bus, along with safe vehicle operation.
  • Improperly maintained facilities. Schools and daycare facilities must be properly maintained for the safety of the children. Improper maintenance of facilities can lead to dangerous conditions and cause injury to students. Faulty electrical wiring, broken furniture and poorly secured playground equipment can all lead to severe injuries.
  • Negligent supervision. Children need proper supervision. Without it, their curiosities can lead them into dangerous situations. They may get into poisonous cleaning supplies or seriously injure themselves in a preventable playground accident or at the local pool. Schools and facilities should maintain a reasonable staff-to-child ratio for proper supervision of children.

No matter the cause of your child’s injury, our firm helps your family move forward from the incident by seeking justice for you and your child.

Advocating for children victimized by sexual abuse

Every sexual assault case is tragic, but it is especially heart wrenching when the victim is a child. Our experienced attorneys approach these sexual abuse cases with a combination of compassion for the victim and aggressive litigation towards the perpetrator and his or her employer who could have prevented the abuse. Our experience has taught us that perpetrators unfortunately come in all forms, including:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Foster parents
  • Police officers
  • Clergy or priests
  • Leaders of youth organizations
  • Daycare supervisors
  • Neighbors
  • Relatives
  • Other students

Victims and their families are often led to believe that the criminal process will achieve justice in a child abuse case. However, criminal proceedings are only aimed at the perpetrator of the abuse. Criminal penalties have no bearing on schools, youth organizations, and churches that knew or should have known they had a dangerous employee working for them. When these organizations take no action to prevent a dangerous employee from harming a child, they can be held financially responsible for their negligent actions.

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